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    Auto repair. For any malfunction of your car.

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    Complete Auto Service

    Mechanical, electrical, diagnostics, painting, sheet metal work, findings, RAR approved revisions to the original parts.

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    MTPL and CASCO damage

    Personal adviser for preparing files FREE !

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  • Auto Repair

    For any malfunction of your car.

  • DV Auto an inspired choice

    Why? Because we are located in a central area accessible.

  • Our workshop is equipped modern

    Tools of the last generation because in the end your car to be flawless.

Car care

Cheaper to prevent than to fix a malfunction

Only a car kept in the best conditions means a safer car and a longer lifespan.

Our  team of professionals will work together because at the end of your car to be like new.

We are most suitable for your needs. Come to Dv Auto.